About DeVan Daniel Washington

Dan Washington is a member of the Maryland, District of Columbia, and Pennsylvania bars. Mr. Washington has appeared and argued cases in most courts in the Washington DC area including:

US District Court for the District of Columbia
US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Columbia
DC Court of Appeals
DC Superior Court.
US Bankruptcy Court Maryland
Maryland Circuit Court
Maryland District Court
Maryland Home Improvement Commission
Federal Administrative Courts: General Services Administration Board of Contract Appeals,
Comptroller Generals Office.

Prior to entering general civil practice full time with his own firm in 1991, Mr. Washington honed his negotiating and trial litigation skills for eight years practicing procurement law as an attorney/advisor and as a contract specialist and negotiator with the Federal Government. As an attorney for the Federal Aviation Administration he led negotiation teams on bid protests and provided advice on Source Evaluation Boards for over ten major acquisitions each over $10 million. Also, drafted and helped setup the Airway Science grant program that awarded over $6 million to establish air traffic control and airway science curriculums at the nations Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The Airway Science grant program was considered one of the best grant programs managed by the federal government and consistently earned positive audits. In addition to the Airway Science grant program, Dan Washington also worked on a number of Aircraft Loan Guarantee Program grants recovering public funds from grantees who had defaulted on their federal obligations. His other legal accomplishments included:

As a procurement attorney Dan Washington had an exceptional contract litigation record; only one of his major acquisitions (Direct User Access Terminal System) was protested and that protest was dismissed. Separate and apart from procurements in which Mr. Washington was lead adviser he also represented the agency in other bid protests that were filed against the agency and had an outstanding litigation record: See, Transmission Structure Limited, Comp. Gen B—230855.2 (Unpublished) and JoaQuin Mfg. Corp., Comp. Gen. B-230645 (Unpublished).

In addition to representing the agency before the Comptroller General’s Office Mr. Washington also represented the agency in contract proceedings before the General Services Administration Board of Contract Appeals and assisted United States Department of Justice in contract matters before the US Court of Claims and various US District Courts and bankruptcy proceedings. Examples include GSA Board of Contract Appeals: WSI Corporation, GSBCA 9943-P(1989); Denro, Inc., GSBCA 9811 C (9626-P) (1989), Hughes Advanced Systems Co., GSBCA 9601 P (1988); Input Output Computer Services, US Ct. Cl No 62-87C; Pacificorp Capital, Inc. v US, US Court of Claims No. 425-87C, U.S. v Excellair, Inc.., 637 F. Supp 1377 (D Colo 1986); In re Mid Pacific Airlines, Inc., 110 BR 489 (1990), and Eastern Airlines v FAA, 772 F.2d 1508 (11th Cir. 1985).

Mr. Washington also gained specialized expertise in international negotiations as a regulatory program specialist in the Aircraft Certification Service. He co-led the team representing the Federal Aviation Administration working with the Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) to harmonize the US Federal Aviation Regulations with the Joint Aviation Regulations.

Mr. Washington holds a Juris Doctor degree from Duquesne University School of Law, a Masters of Business Administration from Howard University School of Business and Public Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Economics and Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh.